Medical Marijuana for the Suffering

Marijuana still has a stigma that surrounds it, deeming it worse than alcohol. Let’s try to address that here. Now the stigma is not baseless for sure but it is within the control of the individual using it. And so it should be up to the individual to choose whether or not and how a person should relate to it.


Alcohol, which people are given the liberty to choose to have is found near many activities and moods that lead to or enhance abusive behavior. Not to say that alcohol itself is bad, of course it isn’t, but marijuana is often compared to it. There have been no studies done that can confirm direct links from marijuana to any types of such behaviors. 

House Bill 160

In fact, marijuana has been used successfully for medical purposes. I sponsored a bill in fact that broadened the range of qualifying medical conditions that can be included in the license to receive marijuana. I want to make the medical relief for people suffering more readily available. 

eric schleien medical marijuana bill

That’s just a small piece of the equation though. I think marijuana should be legalized entirely. All of these drugs are not inherently bad, but merely tools. They are as bad as the person utilizing them, but it is that way with cars as well and they are certainly legal.


Maybe the marketing that surrounds marijuana should be one more of empowerment on the positive capacity that it brings to the table. Advertising that could help people relate to it in a more healthy way. I think the same is done for alcohol, how alcohol is related with having a good time, and fun in an appropriate way, well most of the time.

Misuse of Taxpayer’s Money

People are getting their hands on marijuana anyway. And the amount of money that is being invested into the time spent getting people in trouble for it alone, could be better utilized. It’s coming out of the taxpayer’s dollars and it’s the taxpayers who are getting their hands on it. I have yet to come across a compelling argument that criminalizes marijuana at its core.

Education on Marijuana

I believe that all recreational activities that aren’t harmful to oneself or to others should not be considered criminal. We are a part of an incredible nation founded on freedom, so let’s grant the citizens exactly that. I believe maybe we should teach more about marijuana so people can make more educated decisions about it. For instance what implications there are, or health benefits and precautionary advice. So people can choose clearly about what they are doing, but to take that away from them seems far more criminal.


I’m not particularly into marijuana, just given the circumstance I understand the stigma that surrounds it, but it’s not entirely fair. The same stigmas could exist for other drugs that don’t, it’s a matter of the individual. Not even in just from a recreational standpoint, but there are countless diseases that it provides relief for. Why should a disease have to be justified for someone to find some relief?