7 Common Personal Development Lies

1) MLM Coaching is a way to manipulate people into staying in a scam.

2) A life coach that talks about moon signs & astrology is scammy and most likely a terrible coach. They’re also most likely dirt poor.

3) Most people who do “body-work” are giving overpriced handjobs and are often just escorts in denial.

4) Any company that does transformational coaching in a large group setting is by definition “Large-Group Awareness Training”. Most of these companies will DENY that they are doing LGAT. It’s a shame because many of these companies are legit but are afraid of the social stigma attached to the word LGAT.

5) Any LGAT who prides themselves on not marketing and it all being by word of mouth hurts both their customers and their brand. There’s a reason people label them cults. Their business model is stuck in the 1970s and it sucks. When the consultants you hire are from the inside, it just becomes one big transformational circle jerk and just becomes a more-better-different version of whatever you’re trying to change about your business model. Bring in someone from the outside and create a business model that actually incorporates technology and an understanding of marketing. Something you people seem to lack an understanding in. This is 2019, not 1979. Get with the times or go the way of IBM & Xerox (obsolete platform with a great product).

6) The healing journey is a scam. Any coach that is over-emotional about the journey and constantly talking about the needing to love yourself and healing and all of this woo-woo emotional bullshit, it’s also interesting that all of them are usually still single. These same people who are constantly warning about toxic relationships typically seem to have a way of creating toxicity around them. They also thrive on coaching other victims and staying on the healing journey. It’s a dangling carrot attached to your head. You’ll die almost healed. It’s a scam and a form of resistance that prevents you from doing the work.

7) People who do scammy marketing funnels, clickbait, and other tactics that are sleazy – don’t do business with these people. These are the people who are into shit like Tony Robbins and other kinds of life-hacking and they generally value shortcuts, hot tricks, and commoditizing people in order to produce something sexy on the surface. People who really do the work don’t need to take shortcuts. Yes, you may not get the instant gratification of a sale or become some social media celebrity for a few minutes — but you will instead build very long-term brand value and set up a life that’s more in flow with less push and hustle.

Eric Schleien | Lies


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