Eric Schleien


Eric Schleien was exposed to investing at a very young age. He went to the library and decided to read a grownup book this time. He took an investing book, and then another which led him to read a book about Warren Buffet’s approach and he became hooked. He says “it just clicked”. He has started companies based on the information and strategies he’d been practicing since then before he could even legally drink.


Eric Schleien found a passion for personal development and growth and took up life coaching. He took the Landmark forum course and has found a mentor in John King, who has been a great influence and force in Eric’s coaching career. CEO’s of fortune 500 companies have come to Eric for coaching before he turned the ripe age of 30. Due to feedback online and in person about his inspirational writing, he decided to compile all his different principles into one place. This introduced his writing career, he wrote ‘The Principles of Power’ a book that gleaned much of his writing into concise actionable frameworks for living more effectively now.

This sparked in Eric the need to share ideas and thoughts that he creates and learns to the public. Other projects are in the works.

Eric Schleien’s desire to affect change in people and communities led him to run for state rep of New Hampshire. He won, becoming one of the youngest state reps at 26! I know right? He has been involved in many bills over the years he has been in office. One of the more momentous bills passed was a bill to create a way to use Bitcoin to pay taxes. From this bill, he was mentioned in many prominent news sources in articles across the country. He is a pioneer in this domain. Eric also heroically fought against the conversion therapy, which tried to make gay people straight, as if that’s possible.

At a young age as well, he found a love for singing, and although he never took it to any professional platform he has been fond of making some youtube videos here and there. His constituency in New Hampshire has taken a liking to it, and have had him perform before. But that’s just for laughs.

Eric Schleien may be young but his achievements even thus far speak of a maturity far beyond his years. What will he do next?