Being Accountable & Staying In Flow (While On A Road Trip)

Being Accountable & Staying In Flow (While On A Road Trip)

I’m currently on a road trip and been super busy. Here’s the amount of times I’ve:

  • Cancelled a phone call: 0
  • Been late for a call: 0
  • Didn’t finish a work item on time: 0
  • Didn’t text someone back within 24 hours: 0
  • Didn’t email someone back 24 hours: 0
  • Didn’t call someone back within 48 hours: 0

Yet, I’ve been on the road driving, didn’t always have wifi or cell service, and have been in some pretty rough neighborhoods in Detroit 7 hours a day the past few days.

Sharing this video on accountability and flow and making excuses with you all (while on a road trip)

Cheers, bitches!

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Just watched the one on over-communication
I agree with the premise but not the language
I’d call to adequate communication


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