Actions Rooted In Fear

The more you take actions out of a fear of something/from a place of survival (to avoid something, resist something, defend something, protect something)—the more you create the very thing you want to avoid.

7 Examples:

  1. The people who avoid confrontation tend to have the most of it.
  2. The people who tend to avoid being dominated by money are the ones screaming about how money is the root of all evil or how they never have enough money, and it impacts their life, and they become a victim to it.
  3. The people who are afraid of people not liking them and then take actions to avoid people not liking them typically end up having more people dislike them.
  4. The people who need to control situations, so they start taking actions of control. The more they try to control the things around them in life, the more they lose control. It leads to a very vicious and rather exhausting cycle.
  5. The people who are afraid of doing business with friends and end up losing some of their friends in the process, or, become closed off to people who care about them in their life supporting them and being a contribution to them.
  6. The people who are afraid of failing, therefore, take no action or hesitant action in line with what they’re committed to and then fail to get what they want.
  7. The people who are afraid of being judged, so they shut down their Self-expression, and in the face of it, are less powerful, and then people judge them for that. Now they’re being judged for something they’re not.


If you want to learn how to transform environments that are rooted in fear, check out my interview with John King where we delve into the Cultural Map which is part of the Tribal Leadership methodology.

The link to the blog post is here:

  1. Eric Schleien interviews John King, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Tribal Leadership

For a podcast on transforming environments here are two suggestions:

  1. John King – Netflix, Sears, Tribal Leadership
  2. John King – A New Model For Activism

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