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How To Be Unfuckable With

This is a post about how to be unfuckable with. I will create some context before we get into it. Growing up in Florida as a kid, I used to care deeply about what people thought about me. I had a whole story about “nobody gets me” and about being “misunderstood”. This was when I […]

Eat, Play, Fuck

I have one mode: it’s called “always on like a motherfucking laser beam”   I practice extreme kindness, ruthless compassion, ONLY engaging from empowering dynamics no matter the circumstances.   I play huge games and then allow myself to get pulled into them – no pushing required.   I’m a fucking giver to the extreme […]

The Healing Journey Is Bullshit

For a lot of my life, I thought there was something wrong with me. I was 7 years old and on the playground in school. A girl named Eva walked up to me and screamed “you have cooties!” Everyone around me laughed. My chest closed up, I emotionally shut down, and I felt completely disconnected […]

He Tried To Mug Me, Then I Treated Him To Dinner: What I Learned

I once took out a homeless man for dinner who had just tried to mug me. He actually had some pretty rad skillsets and had a pretty amazing background. I helped him lineup a job interview, I raised the funds for him to do the Landmark Forum, and literally made available resources for him to […]

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