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7 Common Personal Development Lies

1) MLM Coaching is a way to manipulate people into staying in a scam. 2) A life coach that talks about moon signs & astrology is scammy and most likely a terrible coach. They’re also most likely dirt poor. 3) Most people who do “body-work” are giving overpriced handjobs and are often just escorts in […]

Being Accountable & Staying In Flow (While On A Road Trip)

Being Accountable & Staying In Flow (While On A Road Trip) I’m currently on a road trip and been super busy. Here’s the amount of times I’ve: Cancelled a phone call: 0 Been late for a call: 0 Didn’t finish a work item on time: 0 Didn’t text someone back within 24 hours: 0 Didn’t […]

Why I Always Get Free Stuff: 4 Shots of FREE espresso from Starbucks

Hey everyone! I decided to make this video while in the car on a road trip. I made this video yesterday somewhere outside of Cleveland, OH after getting 4 shots of Blonde Roast Espresso for free from Starbucks. It’s common for me to get free stuff on a weekly basis without asking for it. Sharing […]

The Importance Of Over-Communication

Over-communication is one of those things that has become a dirty word in our society. However, in the age of technology, we are slowly becoming more and more disconnected from each other. This disconnection is justified under the guise of efficiency. I wanted to share this insight with you all and share the importance of […]

The Downward Spiral Of Scarcity

It’s easy to tell when someone is operating from scarcity or operating from abundance. Neither is right or wrong or good or bad; however, this framework for living can have huge impacts on one’s life. Scarcity is the predominant societal mindset. This societal mindset is what you could call the average baseline for being for […]

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