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Eric writes about personal development, leadership, health, nutrition and whole lot more!

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Markel Annual Meeting 2019 (Transcript)

Tom Gayner’s Opening Remarks Tom Gayner: Thank you, Richie. Good afternoon. Please allow me to add my welcome to our 2019 annual meeting. Thank you for being here to celebrate another year of successful operations for your company. I’ve gotten just a few things to say today then you all will have the floor to […]

Actions Rooted In Fear

The more you take actions out of a fear of something/from a place of survival (to avoid something, resist something, defend something, protect something)—the more you create the very thing you want to avoid. 7 Examples: The people who avoid confrontation tend to have the most of it. The people who tend to avoid being […]

Viewing Life as a Game Of Team

Pro-Tip: If you’re on a sports team and the team has spent months in training, it doesn’t work for you to one day decide you don’t feel like playing anymore when the rest of your time has put months and months of effort into playing with you. Of course, this would be outrageous. However, in […]

The Two Types Of Risks In The Game of Sharing

There are two types of risk in the game of sharing. The First Risk There’s always a risk that when you share yourself freely that you’ll offend the wrong person, that you’ll make yourself look bad, that someone will think poorly of you after hearing what you shared. The Second Risk The bigger risk is […]

Don’t Get Attached To People

Sometimes disengaging from someone is the best way you can make a difference with them when it comes to having them be more connected to who they really are at their core so they have the opportunity to contribute their deepest gifts to the world. Don’t get attached to people. That doesn’t serve them or […]

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