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The Downward Spiral Of Scarcity

It’s easy to tell when someone is operating from scarcity or operating from abundance. Neither is right or wrong or good or bad; however, this framework for living can have huge impacts on one’s life. Scarcity is the predominant societal mindset. This societal mindset is what you could call the average baseline for being for […]

Wanna Be A Kick-Ass Boyfriend?

You wanna be a kick-ass boyfriend? Right on. Read this for yourself or share this with your boyfriend or husband (even if he’s already kickass which I’d hope he already is). Below are some basic principles that have worked for me. These are not truths or a system and don’t believe a word I say. […]

Eric Schleien Interviews Jimmy Fallon

I’ve always found my college experience to be rather bullshit. I spent two years at the University at Buffalo after dropping out of Babson College and the only reason I stayed at UB was due to the fact that I was highly involved in both student government and college radio. I did end up graduation […]

Markel Annual Meeting 2019 (Transcript)

Tom Gayner’s Opening Remarks Tom Gayner: Thank you, Richie. Good afternoon. Please allow me to add my welcome to our 2019 annual meeting. Thank you for being here to celebrate another year of successful operations for your company. I’ve gotten just a few things to say today then you all will have the floor to […]

Actions Rooted In Fear

The more you take actions out of a fear of something/from a place of survival (to avoid something, resist something, defend something, protect something)—the more you create the very thing you want to avoid. 7 Examples: The people who avoid confrontation tend to have the most of it. The people who tend to avoid being […]

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