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Modern Men Seeking Love: Top 10 Types of Women to Avoid

Alright, ya’ll, listen up. It’s Eric Schleien here to give you the ultimate guide on dodging bullets when it comes to finding the right woman to stand by your side as you conquer the world. You’re a powerhouse, a titan, and you simply don’t have time for dead-end relationships that are going nowhere. Let’s be […]

Chasing Fairytales: The Pitfalls of Pursuing Perfection in Relationships

A Fairytale Beginning Once upon a time, in a world deeply influenced by movies, books, and the romantic pursuits of our favorite characters, we began our search for the perfect relationship. Many people have grown up with the dream of finding their “one true love,” complete with intense passion, heart-fluttering moments, and a love story […]

Becoming a Powerful and Effective Giver in the Face of Takers

When you become a genuine and effective giver, there’s a sense of fulfillment that accompanies it. However, it’s essential to understand that with this altruistic approach, takers may emerge, aiming to exploit your generosity. This article, drawing from Adam Grant’s distinctions, will guide you on maintaining your effective giver spirit while safeguarding against potential exploitation. […]

5 Key Communication Principles: Insights from Erhard, Landmark, & Tribal Leadership

  Effective communication is at the heart of every successful relationship, whether it be personal or professional. Many schools of thought have weighed in on the subject, but some of the most compelling ideas come from the likes of Werner Erhard, the Landmark Forum, and the Tribal Leadership model. Drawing from these sources, and broadly […]

An Ontological Approach to Leadership: From Being to Leading

When it comes to leadership, traditional models often prioritize what a leader does—strategies, tactics, and behaviors. However, this lens may overlook a profound dimension of leadership: the ontological perspective, which delves into the nature of being and the ways in which our underlying perceptions shape our actions. With inspiration from Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen, Warren […]

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