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He Tried To Mug Me, Then I Treated Him To Dinner: What I Learned

I once took out a homeless man for dinner who had just tried to mug me. He actually had some pretty rad skillsets and had a pretty amazing background. I helped him lineup a job interview, I raised the funds for him to do the Landmark Forum, and literally made available resources for him to […]

Judgements And Lightning Strikes

99% of people in my life, when they say they’ll do something, they just do it. Then there’s the 1%. The 1% of people who will break their commitments the moment they feel uncomfortable. All my friends are smart, so their justifications are VERY convincing to the point I sometimes need to ensure I don’t […]

The Landmark Worldwide Business Model

For those of you who know me, know that I am incredibly passionate about transformational / breakthrough coaching. I tend to be a little hesitant about using the word transformation as the word has been diluted in our culture where every consultant under the sun uses that word as a fancy word for change. Change […]

How To Make Friends Easily

How to make friends easily (not hard honestly yet so few people take on the most simple of shit). Also, if you want to know how to be a kickass boyfriend, see my article here. How To Make Friends Easily Be friendly Reach out to people Be curious Ask questions because you care Share openly […]

Stepping Into Your Power

As you step into your power, allowing yourself to fully shine, others will feel threatened. You’ll remind others of the ways they’ve continued to hide themselves. This is why so many contract, holding back from fully expressing their gifts. Please don’t. Show up brighter. Stand in your divinity. You did not win the ovarian lottery […]

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