Complaining Is Inauthentic

Upset about something? Then see what you’re committed to and take action to forward your commitment.

1) Have anxiety or self-esteem issues? Cool: do the Landmark Forum and get that shit handled in 3 days or just keep working on it for years, your choice.

2) Struggling with money? Cool. Focus on creating value and building something.

3) Your dating life suck? Cool. Focus on building a great life and increasing your value as a human to have deep emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sexual connection with.

4) Do your emotions overpower you? Cool – then take on something that will get that handled for you (Landmark Forum also works super well for that and there’s a bunch of other stuff out there too)

5) Have an issue that you don’t know where to go? Take on finding the resources.

The pathetic part is that most people don’t actually want to change. Their identities are attached to their complaints as much as they complain…ALL complaints are inauthentic and there’s ALWAYS a payoff to the complaint.

At the end of the day, when most people come in contact with the available action it would take to RESOLVE the complaint…..the VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WON’T TAKE IT ON.

That says EVERYTHING you need to know about yourself. Either you’re more committed to the complaint or the excuses or more committed to the result. Or, you really aren’t committed and you pretend and you should just admit to yourself that you want to have shit self-esteem, or be fat, or struggle with money, or hate your job, or have shit friendships, have a shitty sex life, struggle with addictions to alcohol, sugar, porn, motivational highs, whatever…..

You get one life. Do what lights you up or don’t. Constantly grow and expand. Or don’t.

We all end up at the same place anyway.


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