Completion Through Communication

Having completion with others is a huge deal.

If you are feeling like there’s something that isn’t complete with someone else. Go pick up your phone and give them a call. No, not a text (that isn’t communication, just a tool that aids in communication).


Share Without Making Others Wrong

And then share what there is for you to share. Do it without invalidating the other person and without going into your interpretations and meaning-making and pretending that it’s objective.

Example 1

“You did X and I made it mean Y” frees up people when you can share from that perspective.

You did X and I made it mean I couldn’t trust you and I’m sorry that I passed that kind of judgment on you and I’m giving that interpretation up. The impact on me when you said X and then did Y is it left a part of me feeling _____ and it had an impact on ______. Etc.

That’s a VERY different conversation than:

Example 2

I’ve always hated you for being such an untrustworthy person and I hope one day you’ll apologize for being an asshole. Now fuck off, okay bye.

Anything Can Be Worked Out Through Communication

Literally, ANYTHING can be worked out through communication (with the caveat emptor being that you have to have communication skills and not just vomit at the mouth which is what the vast majority of people do these days).


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