Eat, Play, Fuck

I have one mode: it’s called “always on like a motherfucking laser beam”
I practice extreme kindness, ruthless compassion, ONLY engaging from empowering dynamics no matter the circumstances.
I play huge games and then allow myself to get pulled into them – no pushing required.
I’m a fucking giver to the extreme yet avoid takers like the plague.
Yet, despite all of that – there are still people that think I am selfish, unkind, not compassionate, mean, narcissistic, and any other nasty name in the book I’ve probably heard it at some point.
However, if held back to avoid people seeing me in a negative light – there would STILL be people that saw me in a shitty way, and, I’d feel shitty about myself because I’d be a scared little pussyfuck too afraid to play big out of fear from some judgmental boogeyman that most of the time doesn’t even exist anyway because people are too fucking scared how they will come across to you.
So keep playing huge.
Keep creating.
Keep building amazing relationships and building out your tribes.
And let people have their judgments, their complaints, their opinions, and their assessments.
People in the stands always judge those on the court.
You get one fucking life.
Don’t be on your deathbed thinking you could have loved harder, traveled richer, creating more authentically.
Create, explore, make love, eat, play, fuck, work hard, push your limits, leave people better than you found them, be awesome.
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