Eric Schleien

After being exposed to amazing leaders and figures in his life Eric Schleien has amassed many life skills. He has a knack for articulation and wants to take the secrets that he has learned, put them on paper and give them to the public. Eric made a few different blogs over the years, one of which he ended up writing a book about. He is currently getting that book published. It’s called Principles of Power and it’s a collection of actionable frameworks to help you access your potential.

Being involved in the Landmark Forum and Tribal Leadership has given Eric Schleien a fiery passion for life coaching, helping people self-actualize. Well, that was just the start, people giving him feedback and sharing personal growth with him sparked that desire. After years of getting amazing feedback from people over social media, he decided to start actually coaching. He has created his own approach and methodology for coaching professionals. Eric currently has a program for a broad audience to join and learn more about how to be effective. He coaches a wide variety of individuals spanning the professional spectrum.

Eric has taken a liking to the mike since a young age. He doesn’t take it to seriously but he has been known to make a cover here and there. He has performed in his in front of his following as the state representative before, and who knows maybe we’ll get more opportunities like that in the future.

Eric Schleien spends plenty of time in the kitchen experimenting with his recipes. He makes creative dishes and likes to spice things up. He has also made a blog about that before focused primarily on the diets he has experimented with. And who knows maybe someday he will turn that into a book as well. Maybe it will be called ” The Principles of Food “.

Eric has an extensive list of all time favorite books. He has gleaned invaluable information from all of these books and it has helped form him into who he is today. Eric is always talking about or quoting various books he has read. “Knowledge is found within these covers.” He says, holding up his books. He holds that transmitting information in a written format concisely makes one define his knowledge in clear and representable ways. He likes to read to find expression and clarify that which he knows and learn that which he doesn’t.