How To Make Friends Easily

How to make friends easily (not hard honestly yet so few people take on the most simple of shit).

Also, if you want to know how to be a kickass boyfriend, see my article here.

How To Make Friends Easily

Be friendly
Reach out to people
Be curious
Ask questions because you care
Share openly
Be generous with people
Don’t judge people
Don’t treat others like some stiff ass business meeting.
Don’t gossip
Talk about cool shit
Don’t say “that’s cool” or “that’s nice” when others talk to you about shit they find cool.

I swear to fucking god, it blows my mind how few people do this shit naturally.

Also there will be a small handful of people that will find you “too much” or “overbearing” or just have some complaint about your friendliness.

That’s a great thing for them to share that — and just speaks to the kinds of relationships they’re committed to creating.

Road Trip Hack

If you’re into road tripping, meet people wherever you go. I have a couch or guest bedroom to stay in basically in any city I travel to. I’ve been on the road for weeks at a time (and in one case 4 months) where I didn’t stay in one hotel and paid $0 in housing.

And, if you’re not into road trips, start and turn some strangers into life long friends!

Eric Schleien | Friendship 1
Eric Schleien dancing his ass off with his brother Zach Schleien and new midwestern friends in Omaha, Nebraska during the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting
Eric Schleien | Friendship 2
Eric Schleien being a total weirdo at the University at Buffalo
Eric Schleien | Friendship 3
As part of a 4 month road trip. Here’s a photo of me in Davenport, Iowa
Eric Schleien | Friendship 4
Eric Schleien with cheerleaders of the University of Nebraska cheerleading squad. Cool fucking humans.
Eric Schleien | Friendship 7
Hanging with some rad humans on a rooftop in NYC
Eric Schleien | Friendship 6
Turning strangers into friends in Chicago, IL
Eric Schleien | Friendship 5
Eric Schleien, Zach Schleien, and new people we met along the way in the midwest hanging out in front of Warren Buffett’s house.
Eric Schleien | Friendship 8
Eric Schleien touring around some asian tourists in Chicago while on a road trip.
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