Inversion: The Overwhelm Inauthenticity

Inversion is powerful when looking what traits to avoid. One trait I look to avoid in others who use “overwhelm” as a way to not be responsible for something.
I have found the most successful people I work with where I am pretty much always in flow – there’s constant calls, emails, text – whatever form of communication is needed in the moment to get something handled and worked out.
There’s never a complaint about calling too much, about a message being too long, or about a message being too vague (where they can just call if something isn’t clear).
There have been projects I’ve worked on where I’ve literally needed to call someone 3 or 4 times in a row if they weren’t picking up because something needed to be handled right now or where I’ve had to email or call (or vice versa with me) many times in a row until everything was worked through as new stuff came up in real time.
A football player never gets pissed if there’s an audible called in the middle of a play. That’s life. You have a plan and then shit comes up and you adjust and have to coordinate the adjustment while being unwavering in the commitment to produce the result which great teams and partnerships do with intense laser like focus.
Every result looking to be produced IS A GAME. Often, it does take partnering with others. However, one thing to be responsible for is that people take their commitment less seriously by default if it’s out of a traditional work environment OR sports team.
Let’s empower our friend Johnny to get in shape.
Then Johnny starts eating shit and his friends say I’m not going to help him anymore, he clearly doesn’t want my help.
Nope – you course correct to get the result and not give into the considerations. Otherwise you’ll ALWAYS be a slave to the ever changing circumstances and drop the ball the moment things don’t go your way.
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