Partnership VS Commoditized Relationships

In 2013, I made a goal to get rid of every single one of my commoditized relationships and only focus on partnering with great humans. Then I began to notice all the ways I had created these kinds of relationships in my life while pretending they were something else. It was completely inauthentic and when I saw it for what it was I was disgusted by it. I also saw that I was trapped by these relationships and had to really start dealing with that. So I focused on creating new legs for my life with authentic partnerships with people I love, respect, and truly admire that light up my soul, and removing all the commoditized relationships in my life. It took a ton of work and patience to responsibility remove these commoditized relationships while building new roots in authentic partnerships. In January of this year alone, I’ve already partnered with 20+ people, and have built 15+ triads.

Tonight I’m creating that who I am is the possibility of partnership, love, and grace.


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