The Intelligent Investing Podcast

Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.

An investing podcast for rational minds.

A no-bullshit conversation about value investing and intelligent behavior in business. Hosted by Eric Schleien.

Latest Episodes

alex portelli | Eric schleien
EP. 77
Founder, prntly

Eric Schleien sits down with Alex Portelli, founder of the notorious news website,

Evan Bleker | Eric Schleien
EP. 76
Founder, Net Net Hunter

Eric Schleien interviews Evan Bleker, the founder of Net Net Hunter. We discuss the net net investing strategy as first employed by Benjamin Graham and then in the early years of Warren Buffett.

Igor Ciric | Intelligent Investing Podcast | Eric Schleien
EP. 75
Private Investor

Eric Schleien discusses Check-Cap Ltd. (CHEK) with Igor Ciric, a private investor who uses an engineering framework to invest in technology related companies.

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