The Intelligent Investing Podcast

Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.

An investing podcast for rational minds.

A no-bullshit conversation about value investing and intelligent behavior in business. Hosted by Eric Schleien.

Latest Episodes

Mariusz - Eric Schleien
EP. 117
Founder, Classic Value Investors

Eric Schleien sits down with Mariusz Skonieczny to discuss his newest project, Microcap Explosions. We also discuss the shipping business, two investment ideas, and his overall philosophy on value investing.

EP. 116
VP of Growth & Innovation, TIP Network

Eric Schleien sits down with Robert Leonard who is the VP of Growth & Innovation at TIP Network.

vince - eric schleien
EP. 114
Founder, Wealth Strategies Advisory Group

Eric Schleien sits down with Vince Annable, author of The Household Endowment Model and founder of Wealth Strategies Advisory Group.

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