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Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.

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A no-bullshit conversation about value investing and intelligent behavior in business. Hosted by Eric Schleien.

Latest Episodes

EP. 143

The GameStop short took many by surprise and brought the world of short selling into the mainstream. Join us for this in-depth panel moderated by Eric Schleien of the Intelligent Investing Podcast with Jake McClure of The Personal Wealth Coach Podcast and Rick Bloom from Rick Bloom Talks Money on the nuances of what actually happened, and how all the pieces fit together.

Ep. 139
Head of Events, Podbean

Join Eric Schleien with his guest Norma Belenky, the Head of Events of Podbean, as they talk about the evolution of media, Podbean’s exciting podcast features, and most especially the upcoming Finance Podcast Week.

Ep. 138
Founders, Alluring Oddities

Join Eric Schleien with his guests, Chelsea Dietsch and Tara Songster of Alluring Oddities, as they share stories about their income-generating passion for thrift shopping and what it took to make this side-project grow and continue growing.

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