Christian Olesen | Cambria Automobiles Update (CAMB)

Portfolio Manager, Olesen Value Fund

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Cambria Automobiles on the Intelligent Investing Podcast. You can hear the original episode we did on Cambria,¬†here.


Cambria Automobiles came out with earnings around the end of November. The stock was up ~15% on that news. The company increased earnings by ~25% over the previous year whereas the rest of the car dealership industry was down because of poor new car sales in the UK.

Cambria is up mostly because of new dealerships and startup losses are not turning into profits.

There are three categories of profits for car dealerships:

  1. New Car Sales (NCS)
  2. Used Car Sales (UCS)-used car
  3. After Sales (Parts & Service)

All three categories for Cambria were up which is an amazing accomplishment. It’s even more incredible for NCS because that’s the number one driver for the industry being down this year.

Why Is Cambria Different?

Because the company started fibve luxury dealerships around 18-24 months ago. Luxury dealerships have more profit contribution when they mature than non-luxury which is what most of the industry is.

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