Christian Olesen

Portfolio Manager, Olesen Value Fund

In this episode:


Eric Schleien sits down with fund manager, Christian Olesen to discuss his largest position, Cambria Automobiles, based in the UK.

Christian is a value investor who is not afraid to go anywhere and everywhere to look for value. He’s invested in many obscure markets and obscure securities and we discuss some of those themes on this episode as well. For any hardcore value investing junkie, this episode is one you will surely not want to miss.

See below for a previous podcast I did with Christian.

Christian Olesen – Two Investment Ideas: An Arbitrage Opportunity + An Undervalued Sector in an Expensive Market

About Christian

Christian Olesen is the investment manager of the Olesen Value Fund. Previously, Christian worked in a dual role of Analyst and Trader for Xaraf Management, a group within Paloma Partners that focuses on a variety of equity and credit strategies. Before that, Christian was Senior Associate in the research department of DebtTraders Group, a New York-based broker-dealer specializing in distressed and high yield bonds, and Senior Financial Analyst in the corporate finance advisory services group of Stern Stewart & Co., a New York-based financial advisory firm best known for its proprietary EVA® (Economic Value Added) concept. Christian holds a B.S. in Economics, with concentrations in Finance and Accounting, from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He also holds the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation.

Christian can be reached through LinkedIn

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