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Endor AG is a Munich-listed holding company whose sole asset is Fanatec, the premium provider of racing wheels and other accessories for sim racing games played on consoles and PCs

Despite being a German-listed small-cap, the company has ~80% market share in the premium wheel/accessories segment and has essentially locked up exclusive branding rights for all the major OEMs and racing organizations (F1/Nascar/WRC) to produce branded replica racing wheels.


Endor AG grew 70-80% last year and has compounded revenues at 40% over the last 10yrs, as iRacing/simulated racing has grown organically in popularity at very high rates

COVID-19 Impact

Current growth is exploding due to COVID-19 and the mainstream recognition sim racing has garnered with normal sports closed for the last three months.
The current business is growing 100-200% per annum, so much so that the company can barely keep up with demand.
The company has already leaked they are targeting 150-200mm in revenues at 25-30% EBIT margins in the next couple of years (versus 40mm revenues last year and 80mm this year).

Going Forward

The stock currently trades at ~11x 2021 earnings, and ~2x 2021E sales, despite a multi-year runway where the business could grow 30% for a very long time.
Fair value on a ‘normal’ exchange with English disclosures/investor relations would probably be 4-5x the current price. Jeremy believes that even on the minor German exchange, it’s hard to see how the stock doesn’t double or triple again.

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