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Portfolio Manager, Summit Global Investments

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Episode #55: Eric Schleien sits down with Gautam Baid to discuss his new book, The Joys Of Compounding.

About The Book

The Joys Of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning; Foreword by Guy Spier

The Joys Of Compounding is a celebration of the value investing discipline. It takes investors beyond stocks and business fundamentals to give them a valuable and compelling life philosophy. All lifelong learners will find this book immensely useful as a timeless source of insight and inspiration.

“Compound interest,” Albert Einstein reputedly said, “is the most powerful force in the universe.” So what happens when you apply such an incredible power to knowledge building? You become a learning machine.

In The Joys Of Compounding, Gautam Baid integrates the wisdom, strategies, and thought processes of over 200 preeminent figures in history whose teachings have stood the test of time. Distilling generations of investment and life lessons and compiling it with his personal experiences into a comprehensive guide on value investing, Baid demonstrates their practical applications in the areas of business, investing, and decision making.


Gautam Baid, CFA, is Portfolio Manager at Summit Global Investments, an SEC-registered investment advisor based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Previously, he served at the Mumbai, London, and Hong Kong offices of Citigroup and Deutsche Bank as Senior Analyst in their healthcare investment banking teams. Gautam is a CFA® charterholder and member of CFA Institute, USA; an MBA in Finance from Nirma University, India; and an MS in Finance from ICFAI University, India.

He is a strong believer in the virtues of compounding, good karma, and lifelong learning. Gautam’s views and opinions have been published on various forums in print, digital, and social media. In 2018, he was profiled in Morningstar’s Learn From The Masters series.

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Learn more at and connect with Gautam on Twitter @Gautam__Baid.

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You can order The Joys Of Compounding on Amazon & The Book Depository

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Gautam Baid are solely his own and do not reflect the views of Summit Global Investments. Any recommendations, examples, or other mentions of specific investments or investment opportunities of any kind are strictly provided for informational and educational purposes and do NOT constitute an offering or solicitation, nor should any material herein be construed as investment advice.

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