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In today’s episode, I sit down with my buddy Robbie Kramer to discuss the ultimate value investment, relationships. Last week, I had the pleasure discussing investing on his show. You can listen to the episode, here. If you prefer to watch it on YouTube, you can watch the episode, here.

The most important relationship you’ll ever invest in is probably who you end up marrying. Choosing quality romantic partners is Robbie Kramer’s specialty. It was an absolute joy to sit down with him and chat all things relationships, romance, and dating.


For a transcript of today’s episode, click here.

Show Notes

[00:01:18] Marrying the right person

[00:02:35] People who are successful in their careers yet stunted in their relationships

[00:10:05] Common Mistakes Men Make

[00:13:07] Instagram and Online Dating

[00:14:53] Three Prompts for Dating Profiles

[00:19:56] Socially Awkward Men

[00:22:29] “…Some of these guys are worth a hundred million dollars, running big funds, very wealthy. Social, but either they’re still single or they have a wife who they’re pretty much like in an emotionally abusive relationship, like they’re just not happy. If they’re very honest with themselves, they’re not happy with their romantic life, and that stuns me how you could be actually fairly socially incompetent.”

[00:23:35] Unhappy Relationships

[00:24:51] Social Freedom Exercises

[00:27:41] The Wealthy Executive Who Hides Behind Masks

[00:33:14] Optimizing your life

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