The Myth of Moving Fast: the Rise of Clubhouse, Instagram, and Social

There’s a myth that if we move fast we will increase our output.

The rat race.

The need to have frantic text conversations.

There was a time where there was no texting.

You make a call. You leave a message. There is no text back saying “I cannot talk right now, what’s up?” It is simply implied that if someone does not pick up, they cannot talk right now.

Business has been done for most of human history without instant communication. You pick up a phone. You leave a message. Someone calls you back.

Try it. It won’t diminish your output I bet. However, it may increase the quality of your communications and leave you with more clarity, peace of mind, and flow.

Social Media: Instagram, Clubhouse, Facebook, Twitter – they are all great tools. They can enhance what you are up to (just like I use WordPress to write this blog). However, they don’t have to replace or create franticness around you. Who you’re being in the face of social media is what matters.

Set the conditions, see who shows up to the party.

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