The Two Types Of Risks In The Game of Sharing

There are two types of risk in the game of sharing.

The First Risk

There’s always a risk that when you share yourself freely that you’ll offend the wrong person, that you’ll make yourself look bad, that someone will think poorly of you after hearing what you shared.

The Second Risk

The bigger risk is not sharing. The bigger risk is withholding and losing the opportunity to inspire, connect with others serendipitously, and impact the lives of others. Giving up aliveness, power, and simply not sharing your core for fear of being judged is a losing game over the long haul. You lose all of those things and what you get is to look good, which by the way, doesn’t even look that good. It’s a pretty shitty deal yet people dupe themselves into taking this deal against their own Self-interests all the time. It’s a deal rooted in survival.


There Will Always Be Someone Judging

There will always be someone judging. At least let them judge you for you.

The dangers of oversharing are nothing compared to the dangers of silence.

—Dr. Brad Blanton


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