Viewing Life as a Game Of Team


If you’re on a sports team and the team has spent months in training, it doesn’t work for you to one day decide you don’t feel like playing anymore when the rest of your time has put months and months of effort into playing with you.

Of course, this would be outrageous.

However, in life, this happens all the time. You spend months and months of energy into something only for someone else to say they’re going a different route.

It’s usually not even ill-intentioned. However, the impact can be severe. If you’re playing big in life, it’s almost guaranteed this will happen to you.

teamIf it does, you can either have a conversation about it or simply use it as an opportunity to cut your losses and find people in life who simply won’t operate like that.

The more intentional you are and the larger you play, the more crucial it is that you surround yourself with people who also are psychologically skilled in standing for big things and won’t change course when things get too inconvenient, when circumstances change (because that’s what happens in life guaranteed), or will start second-guessing when their emotions change (which also will happen from time to time guaranteed).

In life, people don’t call unofficial relationships (with no business contract) a team, but that’s what it is. Anything you are up to in life is a game that you are playing and the people you play with are your teammates.


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